Here’s what some of my clients have to say about the service I offer.

I couldn’t recommend Zoe any more if I tried! She has been patient, kind, knowledgeable and so supportive when sleep training my son when he was about 7 months old. She gave us advice for a phased approach, as I made it absolutely clear we were not interested in controlled crying. I couldn’t believe it when within two weeks he actually slept through! I won’t say there weren’t stumbling blocks along the way, but it was all made easier because of Zoe’s calm temperament and huge words of encouragement, always just as I was ready to give up! She made me feel so at ease the whole time and gave me more confidence in how to listen to my natural maternal instincts, at a point where I was very low and didn’t think I had any instinct left! Now, my son sleeps through most nights and I put him down awake in his cot for every nap. To me, this is a miracle, and it never would have occurred without our ‘Sleep Angel’. Zoe has actually changed my life, and made me a better mother; sleep deprivation was horrendous and I truly believe I was on the edge of PND, so I truly feel ‘saved’ by Zoe. I can’t thank her enough, on behalf of my whole family… sleep has never felt so good!
Sophie, mother of 8 month old George

Zoe was so supportive and I really can’t thank her enough for the change in our household. Both our children were frequently sleeping in our bed and her advice has changed not just bedtimes but the whole night for us!
Siobhan, mother of two

Thank you so much for everything Zoe, you have changed us and our baby for the better. I will be recommending you to everyone who needs help because you’re amazing!
Brooke, mother of 12 month old daughter