Hello 🙂

My name is Zoe Woolnough and for the last 11 years I have worked in childcare, including roles within a nursery setting, a private nanny and a behavioural support worker within primary schools. Most recently I have undertaken the EDS Pediatric sleep training course for professionals.

I have two children of my own which is how I became so passionate about sleep – mainly because I wasn’t getting enough! I completely understand how and why so many families can fall into ‘bad’ habits and pitfalls when it comes to sleep and am well aware of the impact lack of sleep can have on a family.

I firmly believe that it is possible for almost all children to learn good sleep habits and that all parents are capable of teaching them. I am there to offer advice and support, and because I am a mother myself I have complete empathy and understanding.

Every child is different, every parent has their own parenting style and every family is unique. Which is why it is so important to work closely with you, working through any concerns or worries you may have and finding strategies to suit you and your family so you can all get back to having a good night’s sleep!

Whether it is some general advice you are after or a full consultation with a sleep programme please do get in touch and I would be happy to help 🙂