Sleep is something that we take for granted when we are fortunate enough to get what we need, however as soon as we begin to feel deprived of a restful night’s sleep, we soon realise just how priceless it can be.

This is why I set up Anglia Sleep Training. To offer support, advice and ultimately – results – to parents who are finding a good night’s sleep to be somewhat elusive. They no longer wish to just ‘put up’ with the stresses and strains that come with having children who regularly require attention late at night or early in the morning and feel it is time for a change.

I firmly believe that most parents know what to do to get their children to sleep but can lack the conviction or sometimes opt for what seems the easy option (which it never actually is in the long run!). Sometimes all that is needed is advice and support from an experienced third party and a clear, structured plan to teach your child to sleep independently.

If you would like to find out more about the pediatric sleep training services that I offer, please take a look at my packages or get in touch for an informal chat to discuss your needs.